1970-74,  4’ - 9.25’ x 85’  acrylic on canvas

Solo exhibition at the Whitney Museum, 1974’

Shown in the entrance gallery of “The Great East River Bridge” Centennial Exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum in 1983.

“His (Johan Sellenraad’s) present subject-matter is carefully chosen to provide a vehicle for his concern with changes of movement, space, distance and light; in this sense its construct is cinematic rather than photographic.  The work embodies a mysterious, disjunctive narration, creating a haunting, subtle shifting environment that is both conceptually and visually provocative.”

Marcia Tucker, catalog, Whitney Museum of American Art


THE MAZE  - Canyonlands NP, Utah   1975, 7’ x 14’  ac/c.

Commissioned by the US Department of the Interior for “America ’76” a National Bicentennial Exhibition shown in 9 museums throughout the US. 

FLINT SIT-DOWN STRIKE MEMORIAL commemorating the 50th anniversary of the 1936 Strike that started the UAW.

                                                         Commissioned by the City of Flint MI and the United Auto Workers Union in 1986.
A concrete auto factory type structure inset with   4 - 8' x 12' ceramic tile murals depicting the Sit Down Strike and subsequent Union Progress.     12" x 12". hand-made ceramic tiles were painted with glazes, fired and installed in the "factory style windows" of a poured concrete structure reminiscent of the nearby GM auto plants.    Replica 1936 Chevy seats faced the murals allowing visitors to reflect on the Sit Down Strike.   Bronze hinges set into the apron next to the pavers refers to amunition used by the strikers.        


PHOENIX, A LANDSCAPE IN TIME 1991,  Phoenix AZ.,            

Commissioned by the City of Phoenix Arts Commission for the Royal Palm Elementary School.
An amphitheater island with a curved wall housing a 33’ acrylic on Drivit stucco mural exploring the presence and history of Phoenix.  
Poured concrete wall footer & island rim, concrete block wall, copper lined window, Drivit stucco mural surface, special UV block Golden acrylic paint, medium and varnish, poured concrete auditorium steps facing the mural,  rock and sand mound and regional source planting.     .                                                                                                                                                     .